Petition against the building of new houses by Leigh Road

Information on how to vote against the new houses set to be built in Boothstown by Leigh Road.


Salford is the 2nd most polluted city in the UK.  The big increase in traffic can only make the situation a lot worse. 
The quality of the air we and our children breathe will be impacted.


The local area is currently suffering a spate of burglaries and the RHS offices have already been ransacked recently. 
More people means more crime.


The two fields which would be built upon are favourites for walkers, dog walkers & for general recreation.

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Boothstown, Roe Green, Ellenbrook, Mosley Common, Worsley, Walkden and more will face some or all of the following problems:


Leigh Road, the East Lancs road, Worsley roundabout & all of the already mentioned surrounding areas will be affected. 
Traffic is already a huge problem, another 300 homes and extra traffic soon to come from the RHS garden is going to create an even bigger issue.
Worsley Road is already the tenth most gridlocked highway outside London.


The increase in traffic, loss of green belt and deterioration of air quality will surely make the area a less desirable place to live, with a consequent drop in house prices.


The bus service to Manchester is already currently overused.
An extra 400 houses in Swinton & 300 on Leigh road will only add to the issue.


Salford has existing brownfield sites (unused land) with the capacity for thousands of houses, but chooses to build on green belt.
Salford City Council’s Brownfield Register published in December 2018, confirms that the register ‘identifies land with the potential to accommodate 19,322 net additional dwellings across the city’.

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With only limited spaces available in nearby schools, pupils will be forced to travel further afield, ultimately contributing to increased traffic, especially in the rush hour period.


GM ALLOCATION 30 - Swinton

An additional 400 houses set to be built on Hazelhurst Farm will congest the area even further, mainly affecting Worsley and the East Lancs Road.

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All responses must be received by GMCA no later than Monday 18 March, 2019 at 23:59.

GM Allocation 31 - East of Boothstown: The building of 300 new houses


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Community Support

The recent consultation meeting regarding the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was a success.

The petition was presented to the House of Commons on 25/07/19. 

The petition will be forwarded to the department of Housing, Communications and local government.

Please keep emailing.

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Many species of wildlife are known to inhabit the area.  Sightings of pheasants, badgers, bats and even deer aren't uncommon, further building disruption could destroy their habitat.
It is believed that bats live in an area set to be demolished - All bat species are fully protected by law

Attend the rally protesting against the plans at the front of Salford Civic Centre which is the Swinton Town Hall on Chorley Road Swinton on 20th March at 8:30 am



Over 200 local residents attended along with local Councillors Robin and Karen Garrido. The Council have been left in no doubt as to the local strength opposing the plan and in particular GM Allocation 31 - East of Boothstown


We now have a Parliamentary petition which can be found in Sainsbury's at the Standfield Centre (Boothstown Precinct).   We urge all to sign the petition with the deadline fast approaching